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Genius, Schuster und Marqueur

[Image:Moving Theatre logo]Genius, Schuster und Marqueur
oder Die Pyramiden der Verzauberung

Genius, Shoemaker and Waiter
Or the Pyramids of Enchantment

Fairy-tale Farce.
Written: 1832

Funded by

Arts council of England

Austrian Cultural Forum

Sonnenglanz, King of the spirits
Prinz Tausendschön,
Prinz Liebesreitz, his sons
Pantoffeline, a fairy, protector of the fairer sex
Kaffeluzia, widowed fairy, Pantoffeline’s sister
Viola, her daughters
Lulu, an old genius, and general factorum of King Sonnenglanz
Lili, Nymph in the service of Pantoffeline
Wizards, magicians, soothsayers etc.

King Rabenschwarz [black as a crow], ruler of a Black race of people in the fairy world.
Rappeline, his daughter
Milibu, her slave
King Kupferplatt, ruler of a dark skinned race of people in the fairy world
Brünette, his daughter
Phyla, guard of the underground magic vaults in Pantoffeline’s palace
Hydridracocrocodilus, an armoured ghost, also guard of the vaults
Bellona, Queen of the Amazons
Pfeilosa, Amazons
Michel Pechberger, a shoemaker
Frau Liesel, his wife
Johann Kipfel, a waiter
Adele, his wife
Natzl, shoemakers’ apprentice
Saufaus, innkeeper
His wife

Nagelberger, Kranzelgruber, Gangelhofer, Streichmüllner, guests at the inn
Slaves, spirits, wizards, watchmen, nymphs etc.

Flora and Viola, the daughters of the fairy Kaffeluzia, are madly in love with Prince Tausendschön and Liebesreitz, who take no notice. When the two princes are chosen by the oracle to be sacrificed as husbands to the Amazons, to be treated badly, Kaffeluzia’s sister, fairy protector of the fairer sex, has an idea. Two men who treat their wives badly on earth will be sacrificed to the Amazons as substitutes for the princes. Kipfel and Pechberger are duly fetched, not realising their fate until the last minute. Meanwhile Viola and Flora have lost interest in the princes, whose charms attract the black fairies, Brünette and Rappeline. A generational comedy of magic tricks ensues, with the younger generation having decidedly different opinions when it comes to love, from their parents. After a series of comic substitutions and escapades, whereby all betrayals are discovered, Kipfel and Pechberger after their experience at the hands of the Amazons, return reformed to the earth and Viola and Flora marry their princes.


The Plays of Johann Nestroy. A directory of synopses prepared by Julian Forsyth & Zoe Svenson.
Funded by the Austrian Cultural Forum and Arts Council England. © Moving Theatre 2004